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How to Get the Most Out of Your Beauty School Experience

You have made the decision to begin a career in beauty. You have planned your time and money around making sure you are ready to be successful in the field. Now, here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your beauty school education.

• Dress for Success

Keep your uniform stain-free and ironed and always remember to shine your shoes! You will not only look professional, but you will also feel professional. You never know when a job opportunity will be available, so always be ready.

• Always be Early

Arriving at school early every day allows you the opportunity to be prepared for class. Make sure your tools are clean and organized, read ahead for the upcoming class, and sit close to the front of the room. Future employers are looking for students who are dependable, punctual, and professional, so do your best to impress them.

• Give Your Full Attention

Instructors are what they are because they love what they do. They want to help you reach your goals and be successful. It is important to pay them the respect they deserve by paying attention to what they are saying. There are times they say things you do not want to hear, but remember, it is for a reason. Take constructive criticism to heart and use it to your benefit, and you will be able to grow and further develop the skills you need.

• Always be Prepared

When you are prepared, you are ready to be successful. Make sure your tools are kept clean and in working condition. Have your textbook, clean paper, and a pen handy. Do not lend your tools or books to others, knowing there could be a chance they could get lost or broken. It is ok to say no when so much rides on your education.

• Talk to Other Students

Find experienced students who give high-quality services. Ask them questions, watch how they do things, and take notes. They will most likely be flattered you want to copy them, and in the meantime, you have begun building a network. After graduation, you can link up with your network and get help with your job hunt.

• Get Lots of Practice

While on the clinic floor it is the perfect chance to practice on techniques and haircuts that prove more difficult for you. By taking on more challenges, you will become more confident in your skills. You will also expand your abilities, which will prove beneficial when taking on various clients.

• Listen to Guest Speakers

Take every opportunity to make the most of the guest speakers that give demonstrations on the various topics. Speakers can be a product distributor, a salon manager, or simply an industry expert. Do some research before their presentation, so you are ready to ask questions. This is another way to build your network, so if you are provided the opportunity, get to know the speaker better.

What you put into beauty school is what you will get out of it, so take the time and effort to do your best in all that you do. Your future career depends on the energy you put into your learning and work.

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Why 2019 is the Perfect Year to Go to Beauty School?

It is hard to believe, but true—2018 is about over! The holidays are upon us, and before long, you will be ringing in the New Year with your friends and family. The beginning of a new year brings with it many new possibilities. It is the perfect time to not only set goals but to step out and accomplish something you have always dreamed of doing. If you have considered attending beauty school, now is the time to pursue it. Believe in yourself, do not allow doubts to slow you down, and enroll for 2019 to pursue your dreams. As the job market for the beauty industry is growing, and new breakthroughs in technology are on the rise, this is the time for you to attend beauty school. Here are some reasons 2019 is the perfect year for you to start your career in the beauty industry.

An Authentic Alternative to Traditional College

Many times, people attend “traditional” college because they have always been told that is what is expected after graduating high school. That is not true! More and more graduates are finding alternatives to find something that fits their goals specifically. Although traditional college is an excellent option for some people, it is not the only option. If you are cringing at the notion of starting another semester of college classes, it may be time to consider changing paths in your education. The thought of quitting may seem frightening, but trust us, you will be more satisfied in a college that appreciates your creative ideas and talents. You know yourself best, so follow your heart and do what makes you happy!

Life Has Many Opportunities for You

Don’t let the thought of working in a salon hold you back from enrolling in beauty school. There are many career opportunities available to you. Some choose to work in a salon, but there are various other options if that work type doesn’t appeal to you. There are many seminars offered to cover the many possibilities you can do after graduating beauty school. As the world is rapidly changing, the beauty industry is adapting to the changes. One example of a career that hasn’t always been possible, is a beauty blogger. It’s great working in a field that is always updating and remaining relevant.

You Will Always Be Needed

The beauty industry is one sector that is the least likely to replace people with robots. The technological age we live in is only going to become more advanced as our world is continually pushing the boundaries on artificial intelligence. Jobs are constantly being replaced with AI, and that can be a scare for workers in some fields, but that does not have to be the case with someone licensed from a beauty school. A robot is not able to replicate the creativity of a human being. The first step to landing a job that values your unique talents is going to a beauty school. There is no better time to be employed at a position where people expect creativity.

Growing Job Market

As soon as you graduate from beauty school, you will be in high demand. The job market is trending high for beauty-lovers! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologist positions are predicted to grow 13% in the next eight years, massage therapists by 26%, and skin care specialists 14%. As 2019 approaches, these careers have already been on the rise the past few years and are continuing in that direction. The beauty industry is gaining speed, so now is the time to get involved. If someone has doubts about the field, point them to the statistic that proves otherwise.

If you are wondering if attending a beauty college is right for you, stop wondering and enroll in beginning the path to your future.

Preston’s Beauty Academy, located in Marietta, Ohio, would love to talk with you about your future at the academy. For additional information, call us today at 740.374.5434.

Preparing Your Skin For Fall

The time has come to change out your wardrobe for the summer to fall transition. Not only do your clothes change at this time of the year, but also the colder temperatures and drier air do a number on sensitive skin. Add in dry heat from radiators and it is a recipe for skin disasters, like dry, itchy skin, and eczema. Your skin is always exposed to the environment, which means it is the most vulnerable organ to the changes in the environment. Here are some tips on the best way to pamper your skin to take on the seasonal climate changes.

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Is Beauty School Right for You?

Cosmetology is a profession that continues to grow across not only the country, but also the entire world. More and more women and men are enrolling in beauty school to obtain their certification so they can work in salons, spas, hairdressers, and many other places.

A career in cosmetology can help you build confidence, excitement, and can be very lucrative. Cosmetology school is not easy. You will need to put a lot of hard work and effort into learning different techniques and how to deal with different personalities. Here’s how to determine if beauty school is the right move for you.

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Am I Too Old to Attend Beauty School?

Many people refuse to follow their dreams because they are worried that they might be too old. Many others simply stick to the cliche that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” The fact of the matter is that you truly can do whatever it is you put your mind to. Never give up on reaching your dreams, especially later in life.

There’s no better time to reach a goal than right now. Why have you not enrolled in beauty school yet? If this is something that interests you, don’t let age become a factor. So, are you too old to attend beauty school? Let’s take a look at the answer to this question.

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How to Decide on a Beauty School

Marietta, Ohio Beauty School

You know that you are ready to venture into a career in beauty, but where do you start? To get a job, you need an education, which means you need to find an accredited, reputable school in your area. Today, you might notice that beauty schools are plentiful, but not all are created the same.

When looking at schools and comparing their programs, there are a few items you want to consider to help you weed out the schools that are not a good fit for your career goals.

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Should You Go To Cosmetology School?

Preston’s Beauty Academy in Marietta, Ohio

Are you one of those lucky people that have been born with a creative flair, excited to try new hairstyles, makeup, and even different shades for your nails? Do you meet someone new and immediately start admiring the shape of their eyebrows, the high cheekbones and the brilliant hues of their most recent hair-do while at the same time imagining all the possibilities of how it could be enhanced? Have you heard of our Marietta, Ohio Cosmetology School?

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What Can I Do with My Cosmetology Degree?

Marietta, Ohio Cosmetology School

While cosmetology might seem like a one-dimensional career, it goes far beyond just cutting hair or makeup. Cosmetology not only requires you to be up-to-date on trends and educated in the latest techniques, but also be well versed in general management skills, client management skills, safety and even maintenance. In addition, a rounded cosmetologist will also train in aesthetics and nail services. Working in cosmetology requires flexibility, leadership, and the ability to make your clients feel special.

Think you have what it takes? Keep reading!

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The Benefits of Coconut Oil + Free Infographic

Expert Advice from Marietta, Ohio Beauty Academy on Coconut Oil Benefits

It is not only a trend in food but also a growing trend in beauty.

Coconut oil helps hydrate from within and improve your health overall – which in turn results in glowing, more youthful looking skin.

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Infographic: Expert Tips for Perfect Skin in the Winter

Marietta, Ohio Winter Facial Treatments

Our Marietta, Ohio Beauty Salon offers winter facials — the perfect addition to your new skincare routine during this season change. Call today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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