Ohio and West Virginia Laser Dark Pigmentation Corrections

Skin discoloration is a common problem.

These pigmentation disorders can make your skin look darker or lighter in patches or specific areas of your face and body. These blotchy spots of discoloration can make you self-conscious, worry about your appearance, and even suffer from a lack of self-esteem.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

The color of your skin or the pigmentation comes from melanin. This substance comes from melanocytes. As melanin absorbs UV light, it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. However, that same melanin can produce in excess, which leads to blotches of uneven skin tone.

Three Types of Skin Pigmentation

  • Sun Spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma

How Do Laser Treatments Work?

Laser treatments are relatively simple. By exposing the pigmented areas of your skin to short pulses of light, the laser breaks down excess melanin that has changed your skin’s pigmentation.

Then, the excess is absorbed back into your body, which reduces dark patches.

In most cases, you can correct these pigmentation issues in your skin with just three to six quick sessions – taking four to six weeks in between each treatment.

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatments for Dark Pigmentation?

Lasers are non-ablative and help resurface your skin’s surface without damaging multiple layers of skin. These lasers are approved for use on various types of skin spots and hyperpigmentation issues, including age spots.

Just some benefits to using the laser treatments instead of creams include:

  • Suitable for Most Skin Types: Just about any skin type can suffer a pigmentation issue. Lasers are safe enough to use on most skin types. Before starting the treatments, your technician will do a consultation to see if you qualify for laser treatments and if your skin type is suitable enough.
  • No Downtime: Luckily, you do not have any downtime when you are correcting dark pigmentation. Instead, you just have a little redness and discomfort, which usually goes away in 48 hours. Your skin may feel like it has a minor sunburn, but there should be no pain. The treated areas will look darker and start to peel, which allows new skin to surface in its place. This takes about five to seven days to complete. You can, however, resume your activities and go to work – but you will want to avoid sun exposure.
  • Painless Treatments: While you may have minor discomfort, you will not require any painkillers or heavy-duty anti-inflammatories.
  • Long Lasting Results: The most significant benefit is that after you have undergone the treatments, you can enjoy long-term results. While these results vary based on skin type, you can enjoy the results for up to one-year before needing another – with some clients going much longer.
  • Affordable: Laser treatments today are much more accessible, and you can receive multiple laser treatments in the same appointment – to save even more on your treatment.

Is the Laser the Right Treatment for Your Dark Skin?

If you have melasma, which creates brown or gray patches of skin, you know that there is no cream out there to reduce the signs of the pigmentation changes. Therefore, you could be a candidate for laser treatments. Dermatologists report that the toning effect of laser treatments can improve these pigmentation issues, lesions, and dark spots – revealing even skin tone.

To see if you are a candidate, you must meet with a technician for a consultation. Your health and skin condition must be assessed to ensure you are healthy enough for laser treatments – and any risks will be gone over, so you are aware of the procedure.

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